Cafe-restaurant in Anaklia

Project Name: Cafe-restaurant in Anaklia

The building is located at the Enguri river mouth, at the very point where the river meets the Black Sea. The foundation design was developed pursuant to the difficult soil conditions of the site. For cladding of exterior walls, modern composite materials

Key Logistical data:

Integrated logistics solution for local delivery From Poti Shipbuilding up to ferry. 

Location: Poti, Georgia
Cargo dimensions: L 22.6m x W 17.37m x H 8.78m; GW 85 tons
Transport Configuration: 2 saparate hydraulic modular trailers

Country of Origin: Poti, Georgia

Country of delivery: Anaklia, Georgia

Scope of services:

  • Transport Concept study
  • Projecting and manufaturing Transport saddle 
  • Pre-planning of methodology of operations of Jacking/skidding/sliding systems
  • Risk assesment 
  • Computer Modeling (2D/3D)
  • Cargo insurance
  • Pojecting and performing Civil Works
  • Ensuring safe working environment