SOCAR Haor Modernization and Reconstruction Project

Project Name: SOCAR Haor Modernization and Reconstruction Project

A major project for the oil industry involved receiving/handling 2 vessels and transporting 3 different refinery equipment in two stages, the longest of which was 47 meters and the heaviest one - 206 tons.

Key Logistical data:

Brief description of the cargo - Oil Refinery equipment

  1. Equipment weight: 206T. Dimensions: L-23.7m W-6.0m H-5.9m
  2. Equipment weight: 186T. Dimensions: L-47m W-6.1m H-6.2m
  3. Equipment weight: 135T. Dimensions: L-33.3m W-3.8m H-4.1m

Country of Origin:

Country of delivery: Azerbaijan

Scope of services:

  • Road survey
  • Issue of the optimal transport configuration and transport drawings
  • Risk assessment
  • Road construction modification works
  • Computer simulation of critical turns
  • Preparation of permits
  • Equipment mobilization and demobilization
  • Lashing/Securing
  • Cargo dispatching
  • Projecting and performing civil works
  • Transportation


Special request:

High-intensity movement with various equipment to fit in tight deadline