Manavi Drilling Rig Project

Project Name: Manavi Drilling Rig Project

Integrated logistics solution for delivery of Drilling Rig FOT Poti to FOT Manavi, Georgia and vice versa.

Key Logistical data:

  • 14,861.16 CBM
  • 2,704,297 KG

Country of Origin: USA

Country of delivery: Georgia

Scope of services:

  • Provision of suitable trucks and trailers with valid Georgian registration.
  • Provision of any Georgian police escorts and roads permits.
  • Provision of emergency breakdown support team.
  • Provision of spare tires, fuel & lubricants, etc.
  • Provision of sufficient and proper load securing chains, ratchet type boomers, and tie down belts with valid inspection certification.
  • Provision of qualified English speaking supervisors for loading/unloading operations 
  • Provision of certified cranes to unload/load at Manavi, and also certified equipment to off load at Poti.
  • Provision of qualified riggers to work in parallel with the crane and forklift for entire the loading and off-loading operations at both locations.
  • Provision to assist trucks up and down the Manavi mountain road while taking into account weather/road conditions. 
  • Provision of Flagmen at the highway/mountain road junction.
  • Provision of transportation, accommodation and meals for all Gianti personnel working in both Manavi and Poti locations for the duration of the project.
  • Proper PPE is required for all Gianti personnel at both Manavi and Poti locations. (Ie Hard Hats, Safety Glasses, Steel Toe Boots, Gloves, and high visible vests/jackets).