Rail Freight

Gianti Logistics has the long-term experience and professional partnerships in the field of organization of railroad transportation of various cargo types (over dimensional, heavy lifts, bulk, containers, etc.), as locally as internationally. Therewith, we affect the whole range of operations required for railroad transportations by our technical department.

Our expertise and in-depth knowledge of the CIS countries railway network, enables us to respond timely and professionally manner to all kind of complicated and distinguished railway and intermodal transportation requirements of our customers. 

Rail Freight service shortlists:

  • Railway tariff calculation
  • Destinations From/To CIS countries: Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan, Tajikistan
  • Destinations From/To Ukraine,Bulgaria,Romania (Europe) To/From Georgia
  • Elaborating of any kind of enquiries/packing lists and finalizing most optimal loading plans
  • Drafting Drawings and calculations, CAD facilities, 2D/3D simulations and etc.
  • Designing, matching and approving of the cargo loading sketch
  • Designing and approving of the schemes for outsized and heavy lift cargos through all transit counties with Railway Departments
  • Bringing up wagons for further shunting in Ports, terminals or spur lines for loading/unloading operations
  • Cargo lashing & Securing (in gauge/oversized/heavy lift) of various degree of complexity on any suitable for concrete cargo railroad transport, including protectors preventing theft of cargo during a delivery period
  • Railway bill issuing
  • Custom clearance formalities
  • Using Group owned fleet, Gianti Logistics also performs a door-to-door transport deliveries


Container railway transportation

  • Railway transportation by all kinds of multipurpose containers to any station along the railway net of CIS countries
  • Cargo handling (cntr un-stuffing, reloading, lashing and securing)
  • Cargo sorting, packing and preparation for transportation
  • Empty container return

Cargo guarding and insurance

  • Security Escort service, including armed and unarmed in the CIS countries
  • Cargo insurance upon on client request

Information service
Monitoring of railcars along the route with regular information of customer

Also, we are equally qualified to handle hazardous and project cargoes. Gianti Logistics takes a highly proactive approach towards building solutions for our customers. In addition for fulfilling your warehousing needs or providing additional freight management.