Company HSSE Policy

Gianti Logistics has a systematic approach to Health, Safety, Security and the Environment.

We seek to provide and maintain a high standard of HSSE Policy, that we can be proud of, in spite of location, practice or equipment, for all employees, and others who come into contact with the activities or services of the business at all organizational levels internally or externally, at all operational phases of each project shipment, including subcontractor performances.

Gianti Logistics conducts the business in such a manner to ensure that harm to all personnel is avoided, adverse effects on the environment are minimized, and the interests of community essentially are satisfied.

Line management is responsible for ensuring appropriate arrangements for fulfilling this policy, for monitoring its implementation and effectiveness.

Our commitment shortlists:

  • Minimizing occupational Health, Safety & Security risks as well as Environmental impacts
  • Pursuing the goal of no harm to people
  • Protecting the environment
  • Playing a leading role in promoting best practices in transportation industry
  • Ensuring the visible commitment of line management
  • Ensuring all employees understand and accept their responsibilities to work safely
  • Promoting a shared culture in which all employees will be highly aware
  • On-going consultation & training  with our employees
  • Using material and energy efficiently to provide our services
  • Complying with applicable local laws, legislations, codes of practice and international HSSE standards

This policy statement is reviewed on annual bases.