Tree Project

Project Name: Tree Project

Integrated logistics solution for inland delivery of 640 ton Tree by using our hydraulic axles From Buknari to Shekvetili via Barge(Sea) freight.

Key Logistical data:

  • Cargo: Tree
  • Gross weight: 640 tons
  • Height: approx 47 meters
  • Besides that, company has also transported Trees up to 400 tons. 

Country of Origin: Georgia

Country of delivery: Georgia

Scope of services:

  • Road designing engineering works
  • Supervisioin of road works
  • 2d & 3d simulations of proposed transport methods
  • Issuing of transport drawings and Engineering calculations 
  • Presenting transport concept study
  • Mobilisation sufficient transport configurations
  • Equipment Mobilisation and demobilisation as per given schedule
  • Crew Mobilisation /Accommodation and demobilisation,
  • Road Transportation