Route Access Survey

Our team of highly experienced professionals can analyse the impact of Abnormal Loads and Out of Gauge cargo advsing as to the most suitable transport route for your project needs.

Used extensively throughout the Heavy Transport industry our Surveying Services can provide expert knowledge on routing and access for heavy and abnormal loads.  Our experienced Consulting Team will evaluate the required route(s) and provide details of any issues of pinch points along the chosen course.

Our team can provide Topographical Surveys undertaken to establish precise horizontal and vertical alignment, Visual Route Inspections, and field work.  Coupled with this, our team can provide 2D & 3D Swept Path Analysis reports. These reports are undertaken as a matter of course when surveying potential transport routes to create a digital journey highlighting any problem areas or pinch points. This equips us with the ability to quickly identify any overhead/turning conflicts and vertical or horizontal alignment issues in the early stages of a project, increasing efficiency.

Our team can provide desk studies, Site Visits, loading arrangements, consultation with authorities and planning, civil work Assessment and advice on cost issues.