Jacking & Skidding

When working in confined spaces it can sometimes be a challenge to load, deliver, move or position heavy cargoes. Utilising our specialist Jacking and Skidding tools our Heavy Lift Team can ensure that no matter what the cargo or environment we can safely and securely undertake the movement of heavy loads.

This innovative hydraulic equipment allows us to raise and slide industrial machinery and components up to 400Te in a controlled manner, indoors or outdoors.  With the option to lift, pull, push and lower we can load/reload/unload directly to/from trailer/railcar/foundation, deliver, reposition or relocate industrial machinery and components in confined spaces.

Utilising these specialist hydraulic systems our Team can gradually raise loads to an optimum height to allow for the installation of modular skidding systems, hydraulic push-pull units and skidding pads. Once in place this system can effortlessly facilitate the movement of heavy cargoes.

With the skills, expertise and equipment at our disposal our Heavy Lift Team can provide the ideal solution for moving heavy industrial objects of exceptional sizes and weights to locations where using a crane or forklift is not an option.