Blade of Wind Turbine - Gamesa

Project Name: Blade of Wind Turbine - Gamesa

Integrated logistics solution for delivery of long Blade in containers by our special hydraulic modular trailer in Baku, Azerbaijan. We're very proud that, this transportation remains as historic one, not only in history of our company also in Georgia.

Key Logistical data:

  • Overall Dimensions of Transport configuration:
    L 45.3 x W 4.22 x H 4.45 m. 
    Gross weight: 22 tons.

Country of Origin: Spain

Country of delivery: Baku, Azerbaijan

Scope of services:

  • On the first stage: Road survey and computer modeling for evaluating transpassing possibilities
  • Mock-up Transportation and finilising transport concept study
  • OOG Drawings & Calculations
  • Authorization of Road Permissions
  • Supervising of Port stevedoring operations
  • cargo loading and securing 
  • Delivering up to Job site