Gianti Logistics' 10th Anniversary Party

In 2015 company celebrated it's 10th anniversary.

The year of 2015 is very important for our team. Company celebrated its 10 year anniversary. Birthday event took place at Ambassadori Katchreti. We were very excited and anxious at the same time. Even though Gianti Logistics celebrates Birthdays each year, this was very special moment for all of us. This was not only dressing up nice and hosting the guests, instead, this was the summery of the whole 10 years and meeting people whom we worked with for years in person.

Guests were invited from all over the worlds. 2 different programs were presented during the event: Georgian folklore and modern art. Guests also watched the video summing up our 10 year work, got to know us outside work environment, heard about our work related funny stories and situations and sneaked in behind the scenes.
This was the night of true friendship. We’ve certified our partners with “Thank You” certificates and also awarded our co-workers in different nominations.
Entertained guests, their positive emotions and admiration made us very proud.